Our Team
Ramanan Natarajan
  • CEO & Promotor

Ramanan is passionate about keeping a cleaner ecology and converting the waste into the reusable element. The continuous research on sustainable waste conversion, the right network, and constant efforts, Ramanan built Shudh-Labh from a one-man army to 50+ team organization. The Quality and sustainable solution as the fundamental values, Shudh-Labh has been seamlessly serving 60+ clients at present in Bangalore.

Ramanan brings together 25+ years of IT Industry, managing & delivering projects and showcasing technical improvements. The strategic project management and process re-engineering are the core strengths, Ramanan has been mentoring a few start-ups. He helps them to create a growth roadmap and guide them on each step.

T. Jayaraman
  • Mentor & Technologist

Mr. T. Jayaraman, affectionately called as Teejay by the followers, has been helping Shudh-Labh to work towards its strategic goal. The brain behind Aerobic Digestor, the critical product of Shudh-Labh. An IIT graduate (1974), Jayaraman has more than 30 years of experience developing Energy Management and Frugal innovation. As an ardent believer in his vision, Jayaraman has deployed 100% rainwater harvesting system at his home and office. As a pioneer in the LED application of India, he also achieves 0% discharge by having 100% LED since 2004.

Jayaraman is the Founder & Managing Director of SECO controls private Ltd which is the only manufacturers of high-temperature oxygen analyzers. Mr. Jayaraman has been an advisor to many for-profit social organizations working towards renewable energy. He has been mentoring the Engineering students to be Industry ready.

Venkat Subramanian
  • Executive Board Member

Venkat has a great passion for achieving a more healthier and greener environment. He also has a deep interest in philosophy and in contributing to the welfare of the society that we live. Venkat has overall 23+ years of technology industry experience and is a highly motivated professional with a single focus on objectiveness aligned to business goals. Venkat has come on board Shudh-Labh with an ambition to create a cleaner tomorrow in India.

Mr. Sanjay Dwivedi
  • Advisor Finance & Corporate Strategy

Ex-Deloitte UK Chartered Accountant, Visiting Prof Lean Start-ups, Advanced audit, Forensic DD.

Research Scholar Risk. Currently exchanging ideas with the leading architectural standards body, on the IT enablement of large infra projects including AI / ML / DL/ IOT & Blockchain. Adviser to ex-IBM Watson country head start-up. Go-To- Market experience in UK, USA, UAE & India from Start-up to IPO.

Management Consultant and advisor with start-ups and MNC’s. Over 30 years of experience CXO roles, including CEO, COO, Interim CFO, Risk, Quality & DD. Sanjay is passionate about developing & delivering content as a Lead Trainer at MNC’s. He is turning around a school in India using Google Apps for education and Google classroom.

Anand Subramanian
  • Supporter & Technical Advisor

A passionate environmentalist, impressed with the vision of Shudh-Labh, Anand has been helping the company to be technology friendly. As a supporter of environmental initiatives and innovative ideas, Anand helps Shudh-Labh to connect with various service providers and aids in building a stronger business ecosystem. Such value chain helps further in connecting with the existing clients, potential users and other stakeholders in real time.

The co-founder of Steadfast Technology Services & Bestir Software services, the consulting entities providing high-value services to national and global clients. Anand comes with over 25 years of global Enterprise IT and Software Services experience.

Vaishnavi Jayaraman
  • Technology Advisor

A dynamic thinker, environmentalist, Ms. Vaishnavi Jayaraman handles operations of EQUAD, the technology partner of Shudh-Labh. Vaishnavi is well-known for her goal-oriented and focused way of taking actions. A keen researcher & analyst, she brings in an ability to categorize expertise on the challenging and complex operational platforms. Vaishnavi is managing a team of Engineers and subject matter experts in EQuad, devotedly building innovative technology products to attain the mission of Shudh-Labh.

Vaishnavi has MBA, and a gold medallist in Chemical Engineering manages operations and client engagement as a Director of EQuad. She worked as a lead analyst, providing procurement intelligence in the field of Industrial and Process specialties. She also offered customized market intelligence to 40+ Fortune 500 clients across different sectors.