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Our Services

Our Present Focus is on “Bulk Generators”

  • Gated communities
  • Apartent complexes
  • Large commercial organisations
  • Commercial complexes / office complexeslds

Individual households and community service are part of our future plans...

Sudh-Labh approach is to split this into three distinct areas

Wet Waste Handling

Proivde advise/ technology/ total handling for handling wet waste at generation point

Saleable Waste

  • Segregation and Preparation

Provide tools, technology and equipments for segregation, sorting and cleaning  - using appropriate and cost effective technology and also work directly / with partners for sorting cleaning and aggregation

  • Up-Cycling

Develop technolgies and provide upcycled products to green branding and green enthusiasts

Non Saleable Waste

Develop technologies for converting these into usable products, economically