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Frequently Asked Queries


Q : How long does it take to compost? Community Composting

2-3 weeks for all kitchen waste except bones, banana leaves etc. Dry leaves require 3 months to compost.

Q : How long will it take to compost at home using Bioclean and Grow ? Community Composting

Anywhere between 3 – 4 weeks for Kitchen Waste (Veg, Non Veg, Food Waste). Garden leaves will take about 3 months to compost

Q : How do I reduce insects ? Community Composting

Neem oil spray (10ml neem oil, half litre of water, a few drops of any detergent liquid), spray it in and around the container.

You also add Neem powder once in 3 days.  Lemon grass oil spray helps.

Q : How do we manage fruit flies? Home Composting

Cover the kitchen waste with the bioclean (Cocopeat) or cardboard box pieces completely.

Q : If I am going on a vacation for more than 3 days, what should I do? Home Composting

Have a great vacation. Relax, Chill and when you can come back you just continue the daily procedure.

Q : Black liquid is dripping out of the holes, what should I do? Home Composting

Increase the quantity of browns (dry leaves, plain cardboard box pieces, bioclean, and plain coirpit) and wipe the liquid

Q : What can be added to wet waste? Home Composting

All kitchen waste like coffee ground, used tea powder, egg shells, vegetable peels, fruit peels, curry leaf sticks, corn leaves and sticks, banana leaves and stem, dry leaves, non-veg food like meat and bones can be composted.

Corn leaves, banana stem, peas skin etc may take longer time to compost.

Garden leaves, bones require multi-cycle compostin

Q : What should I do with the compost generated? Home Composting

60% of the compost is recycled after sun drying for 1 day. Compost is used for 50:50 ratios for the next round of composting. Remaining 40% of waste generated can be used for growing vegetables like Beans, Lady’s finger, brinjal, spinach, methi, etc.

Q : How much compost do I get? Home Composting

25% of the added wet waste will be the compost generated