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Our Mission, Vision & Policies

Our Mission

To become a valued service provider to our customers and to make a distinguishable difference in the solid waste recycling and disposal industries, by planning and implementing strategies, ensuring the solution to the waste management is fully met. To contribute towards preserving a clean and better environment for people to live in.

Our Vision

  • To be the leader in solid-waste management
  • To tackle all the aspects of waste problems with the best possible solution.
  • To become the Clean and Green country of the world.
  • To accomplish the Clean Revolution of India.

Our Policies

  • We explore and utilize new waste disposal methods and technologies which are efficient and cost effective without sacrificing service to our customers.
  • We accomplish our mission statement through commitment and teamwork.
  • We appreciate, understand and respect the needs of our customers.
  • We foster and respect our employees opinions, beliefs, values and life goals.
  • We advocate open, honest and productive communications throughout the Company and community.