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About Us

Shudh-Labh is a end to end Waste Management Company run by environmentally concerned professionals who are passionate about implementing simple solutions that are effective and helps our degraded environment, recover.About Shudh_Labh

Shudh-Labh formed in pursuit of Clean and Green environment has been working on Solid waste management, using scientific methods and the best management practice in the field.

India has been facing "The garbage issue" for a while now and it is piling up creating many unseen issues. Shudh-Labh looks for solution to our ever growing problem of waste in an economically viable manner. Our approach in the solid waste management field is by using scientific methods and best & ethical management practices.

Currently based in Bangalore, Shudh-Labh seeks to join hands with the concerned residents of the city who want to take the matter of garbage in their hands and make their city go Clean.

We collaborate with the apartments, hotels, educational institutes and tech-parks to provide them an exceptional waste disposal and recycling services that protect, preserve and improve our environment and the quality of life in the communities we serve.

We have started intensify our activities by bringing in the latest technology and to venture into related environmental projects. The team is ably guided by an IITian Mr. T Jayaram, a pioneer in sustainable energy management and an innovative engineer for more than 35years.