How long does it take to compost the waste?
How long will it take to compost at home using bio-clean and grow?

The veg, non-veg, food waste, and all types of wet waste take 3-4 weeks to compost using Bioclean and grow at home. The garden leaves need about three months to compost.

How do i reduce insects?

You can prepare Neem oil spray at home. Mix 10ml neem oil, half a liter of water, a few drops of any detergent liquid, spray in and around the container. Lemongrass oil spray helps as well. Mix 10 ml lemongrass oil, half a liter of water, a few drops of any detergent liquid and spray in and around the digester.

You also add Neem powder once in 3 days.

How do we manage fruit flies?

Cover the kitchen waste with the bio-clean (Cocopeat) or cardboard box pieces completely.

If i am going on a vacation for more than 3 days, what should i do?

The best part of our product is the hassle-free composting. Have a great vacation, relax without any worries. Just continue the process once you are back.​

Black liquid is dripping out of the holes, what should i do?

Wipe off the drip, Increase the browns quantity will help in stopping black liquid from dripping out. The dry leaves, plain cardboard box pieces, bio-clean, and plain coirpit help to block the liquid.

What can be added to wet waste?

All kitchen waste can be added to wet waste. wet waste.

  • coffee ground
  • used tea powder
  • eggshell
  • vegetable peels
  • fruit peels
  • curry leaf sticks
  • corn leaves and sticks
  • banana leaves and stem
  • dry leaves

However, you need to understand the different period each waste takes to compost. Please note that the corn leaves, banana stem, peas skin may take a longer time to compost (up to three months) compared to other waste. The garden leaves, bones require multi-cycle composting. The non-veg food like meat take long hours to compost.

​What should i do with the compost generated?

You can use 40% of the compost for your garden and agriculture needs, to grow Beans, Lady’s Finger, Brinjal, Spinach, Methi, etc., You need to keep the remaining 60% of the compost under the sun to dry for 24 hours. You will be using this compost in 50:50 ratios for the next round of composting.

How much compost do i get?

You will generate compost from 25% of the added wet waste.