Integrated Waste Management management for Urban Complexes
How does it work?

Shudh-Labh focuses on providing a complete array of waste management solutions to the urban communities. The integrated end-to-end waste management comprises of collection, segregation, cleaning, transporting and processing all sorts of wastes from the bulk generators.

Door to door collection

Shudh-Labh advises the segregation of waste at source. The team keenly monitors the separation process, engages in door to door collection of wet, dry, saleable, non-saleable, biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

Wet Waste Handling

Shudh-Labh aids the bulk generators such as gated communities, hotels, residential and commercial spaces to handle the wet waste by installing and maintaining the in-house Aerobic Digesters.

Waste Transport

Shudh-Labh transports the dry waste to their go-down where it takes care of transporting segregated waste to different wholesalers/processing centers based on the type.

Partnering & Collaboration

Shudh-Labh collaborates with various Social Enterprises, Non-Profit Organisations, Ecotech Manufacturing entities, and technology partners to manage various activities involved in waste management.