The best-trained consultants and professionals from Shudh-Labh provide the below consulting services

  Knowledge sharing on various types of waste and recycling/upcycling procedures

  Segregation of different categories of waste and safeguarding the segregated waste without spoiling the environment

  Transportation and disposal methodologies

  Bespoke approaches and planning activities related to sustainable waste management

  Government mandates, policies, rules and regulations and compliance

Installing & Training for In-House Waste Management

The team from Shudh-Labh installs the aerobic digester at your premises. The professionals will come, inspect and help to choose the right space for the installation.

You will be trained in the below areas

 Clarity on how the product works

 How to operate the product?

 How to collect, segregate and dispose of the waste without endangering the society?

 How to process the waste to an organic compost using the product?

 Trouble-shooting the product

 Maintenance of the product, cleanliness of the space and the overall health of the society

 How to generate revenue from the saleable waste?

The team will also advise you on the necessary arrangements required prior installation and help organize that as well.

Who Can be Benefited?

 This is beneficial for Apartment associations who already have their house keeping staff and would like to manage waste in-house

 In-site Wet Waste Processing through Aerobic Digester technology - Provide Aerobic Digester based on the size of Apartment Complex (1 Digester can accommodate waste generated from 100 houses / Units). Provide Installation of Aerobic Digesters (designed by Shudh Labh)