Community Digesters
Community Digesters

The community digesters come in three capacity sizes explicitly 5kg, 35kg, and 45kg.

 The digesters stand approximately 6 ft from the ground level

 The rainproof shed is required to place the digesters so that rainwater does not get inside and spoil the process

 The 35kg and 45kg ones weigh around 2-2.5 tons. It is essential to have a solid base and flooring for the digesters to withstand the weight

 The system of layering helps in the efficient processing of the wet waste. The weight and volume of the organic waste go down by 40-50% per day as the processing occurs.

 At the end of the cycle, we get approximately 25% of input waste as compost. For example, for every 100kg of food waste when processed will generate nearly 25kg of organic waste